Now that's a Specialist Shop!


One thing I love when in a foreign city is a specialist shop. Whether buttons, knickers (oversized ones, Madrid), cheese or artists materials or whatever the specialisation, they are always intriguing shops. Often tiny premises with owner occupier. I was wandering about the streets of Oslo, Norway, recently and I saw a chap manhandling a large double bass into a coffin like transport box. He is the owner of Bassanova AS, a specialist double bass shop based in Oslo. How about that - a specialist Double Bass Shop! Not a musical instrument shop even. Just double bass. He opens only a couple of days in the week in-between playing classical music and jazz and teaching and lecturing in music. You can make an appointment and he will meet you there too of course. A relatively small premises is made look and feel smaller by the mass of the double bass lined up for sale. It was both intriguing and beautiful. He picked up one of the double bass and gave me a little rendition. It was really lovely.


The one he was preparing for transport was due for delivery to a city north of the Artic Circle called Bodo.By coincidence, I too was to travel there and I thought we might share the same plane but it wasn't to be. It was explained that double bass take trains instead. They are more safely transported on rail rather than by air. 

Inside side and outside with 'coffin'.

Inside side and outside with 'coffin'.

If you want to buy a double bass contact Bassanova A.S., Oslo, Norway

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