A Sound Hand on the Tiller

Here is a portrait of Wally. I photographed him in my studio in Dublin recently where we spent a lovely time  together working on this portrait. As you may have guessed from the photograph, Wally is an avid sailor. He has sailed over vast areas of the ocean, north and south. He even worked on the sea at one stage. He built his own 50 foot sailing boat out of steel by himself. He was involved in restoring the Asgard which is now on display in the National Museum of Ireland in Collins Barracks, not far from the studio. And if you are in need of an odd shaped shackle or a scuttlebutt, if Wally doesn't have one he knows who to point you to. With his vast knowledge of the sea, boats and sailing Wally is the man you would like to have on the tiller when things get challenging.


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