Its can be an unnerving experience for anyone to have their portrait taken. Here are a few pointers that will hopefully help you prepare for your portrait. It should be a fun and pleasant experience for everyone involved.

So to look your absolute best, here are a few suggestions:

Clothes to wear.

Dress as you feel comfortable. Be aware of your company dress code.

If you are unsure about what to wear bring a couple of options on the day of the shoot and we can choose together.

If you wish to wear a dark suit, bring along a brighter one as well so we can make a call on which works best on the day of the shoot. And visa versa, if you prefer a light coloured suit do bring a darker option.

If tie wearers can bring a couple of ties this will give us more options.

If you need full length shots make sure you have clean shoes that match your clothes.

Avoid branded clothing and tops with your favourite team or beer emblazoned upon it.

It sounds silly - but do make sure that the suit still fits since the last time you wore it. And that your clothes are pressed and ironed appropriately.

Hair and Make Up.

If we do not have a hairdresser or make up artist booked for the shoot you might consider having your hair done before the shoot.

Doing your own make up? Wear what you would normally wear but if you can, use a matt finish makeup. 

If we have a make up artist booked it is a good idea not to apply make up yourself before the shoot.

Bring some hair clips and hair bands - just in case.

Don’t do any major tanning or face scrubs, peels etc immediately before the shoot - they often need a few days to normalise.

Other than that it should be a bit of diversion for 15 minutes of your day. Bring a smile and enjoy the experience.

Oh! And a good nights sleep the night before the shoot really pays off.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of photography  or have any other questions relating to preparing for a portrait

just contact me at:

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