Professional Photographer and his useful Four Legged Assistant

No. Not yet! Wait. No. Wait for it...

No. Not yet! Wait. No. Wait for it...

Luigi waits patiently for the light to fall just right. He will bark once when the sun goes in and twice when it comes out again. Such a useful dog. At a recent location shoot on Dublin Citys' North Quays, Luigi surpassed himself with an innate knowledge of light and shade. As cold as it was he stayed with the task in hand. That was up to the moment the mobile Barista appeared near by - when he immediately gave in his notice and sat, big eyed, looking at customers sipping coffee and eating pastries and, Luigi, hoping to share a morsel. 

After being reprimanded Luigi went back to his post. Photographers based in Dublin and across the world should never underestimate the usefulness of a dogs ability to retrieve a stick during a photographic shoot. The stick, a primitive Swiss Army Knife of sorts, can be used to fight off local youths and octogenarians or scratch ones self when and where necessary. It is also useful to poke possible Animal Rights Activists if they interfere with Luigi's tasks.  And, don't forget, a stick is always useful to have leaning against the tripod as a warning to wayward clients. 

When SatNav fails I find Luigi is great at directing us to the next photographic assignment.   

When SatNav fails I find Luigi is great at directing us to the next photographic assignment.


I haven't even mentioned Luigi's great sense of direction. When my GoogleMaps stops working and my SatNav gives up its ghost - Luigi is there to gently bark into my ear when I need directions.

"Where is the next photographic assignment Luigi?' I ask.

He barks once for right turn, twice for left turn and three barks for straight ahead. Its a great way to get around Dublin and equally good when travelling all over Ireland.

Most importantly Luigi does all his work for a bowl of dry cribble in the morning and one in the evening. Oh, and a bed to sleep on. As a business plan, hiring a four legged photographic assistant has to be a winner. I am checking with Intreo - the Irish State employment agency - at the moment to see if I can get some sort of subsidy for Luigi's employment costs. Or maybe I should contact the Department of Agriculture, there is bound to be a grant. Or even the DSPCA. If anyone out there can give me any leads there I would be very appreciative. I'm thinking of getting Luigi to sign a 'zero hours contract' - that would make my business even more profitable. Or the possibilities of having him as an unpaid intern - umm! My bank balance is drooling at the thought. The problem for Luigi is that he is useless with a staple gun and his first reaction to a photocopying machine is to piddle against it. So you can see it is not all plain sailing when working with Luigi.

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